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No Wolf – A Challenging Collection of Classic Slider Puzzles

In the puzzle genre there are a multitude of styles, but it’s hard to beat the classics. No Wolf for iPhone is an example of a conventional slide puzzle with a classic sheep vs. wolf theme. No Wolf features 60 different slide puzzle levels, with increasingly more challenging solutions. Players must arrange the sliding squares so that the sheep has a clear path to arrive safely home. At first, the only challenge is arranging the tiles to solve the puzzle, but as the game progresses, the number of tiles increases and the wolf will soon be at the door.

No Wolf is a challenge to be sure. Puzzle fans will immediately sense the addictive nature of it and get caught up in the challenge of looking for the solution. The simple, but challenging premise of this type of game is what makes it good. Some of the elements enhance it, a few detract from it and some are even missing, but overall No Wolf could be called a winner.

The first levels of No Wolf could be considered warm-up levels. With a 3×3 grid, novice puzzle solvers can take a stab at guiding the sheep home. If you’ve never tried a slide puzzle, then rest assured, it takes a bit of practice to get the hang of it – it’s a fun challenge, but takes patience. No Wolf’s initial levels are ideal for beginners due to its pressure-free nature. There are minimal sound effects to distract, just the sound of birds chirping and the occasional bleat from the sheep, and with no countdown timer or hungry wolf threatening, you can take your time and learn the basic maneuvers required to shift squares about the board.

Due to the progressive challenge of No Wolf, puzzle experts can quickly work through the 12 level one puzzles and move on to more stimulating ones. There are a total of 5 levels with 12 puzzles each, and while you can use the level select menu to replay previous puzzles, they must be unlocked in order by solving the previous ones. Because of the basic nature of a slide puzzle, the overall interface is simply translated, but a reset option is blatantly absent. You can restart any level with the original tile positioning by returning to the level select menu, but a simple “reset” button would be nice for those times when you get the tiles all jumbled up. If you get stuck on a puzzle there is a “hint” button that will reveal the solution, however hints are not unlimited so choose wisely. Of course there’s an option to make the typical in-app purchase and acquire more.

No Wolf is a free app, compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and for no investment, provides hours of progressively more difficult puzzle play. An often frustrating but addictive challenge, don’t let the cute animation fool you — No Wolf is definitely a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” collection of puzzles.